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Your First Consultation

During your first visit Lola will need to gain a thorough understanding of your main complaint and your general health and lifestyle. This involves asking questions about your current symptoms and your medical history, as well as such things as your sleeping pattern, your appetite and digestion, and your emotional wellbeing. Women are also asked about their menstrual cycle and any past pregnancies and childbirth.

You might feel that some questions appear unrelated to your condition but the information you give helps your practitioner to form a more complete picture of your health and lifestyle. Your acupuncturist will also take your pulse on both wrists and may examine your tongue and feel for areas of muscular tension or pain.


Treatment Plan and Treatment

Based on all the information you have given, Lola will make a diagnosis and put together your treatment plan, which may include lifestyle and dietary advice as well as acupuncture. Lola will use very fine pre-sterilised needles to stimulate specific acupuncture points on your body. Because energy meridians range across the whole body, the points used are not necessarily close to where you experience pain or discomfort. For example, if you suffer from headaches needles might be inserted in your foot or hand.

Disposable, sterile needles are used and disposed of after each use.


What is Acupuncture and How it Works

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - Acupuncture has been practised in China and the Far East for thousands of years. It has been developed, tested, researched and refined to give a detailed understanding of the body's energetic balance. Due to its high success rate, lack of side effects and a rapidly growing body of scientific research, TCM is increasingly popular in the western world. TCM looks at pain and illness as signs that the body is out of balance. The overall aim of acupuncture treatment, then, is to restore the body's equilibrium.

The focus is on the individual, not their illness, and all the symptoms are seen in relation to each other. Each patient is unique; two people with the same western diagnosis may well receive different acupuncture treatments.

Traditional acupuncturists believe that the underlying principle of treatment is that illness and pain occur when the body's qi, or vital energy, cannot flow freely. There can be many reasons for this; emotional and physical stress, poor nutrition, infection or injury are among the most common.

Lola will insert ultra-fine sterile needles at precisely located points into channels of energy to connect with your body's qi, she will decide which points are right for you after a detailed consultation covering every aspect of your health and lifestyle. The aim will be to re-establish the flow of energy in order to balance and trigger your body's healing response and to restore physical, emotional and mental equilibrium. During treatment, patients commonly experience a pleasant feeling of relaxation. Treatment is designed to affect your whole being as well as your symptoms so, as the condition being treated improves, you may notice other health problems resolve and many people find that it can also lead to increased energy levels and better sleep as well as an enhanced sense of overall well-being.

Acupuncture is used to treat people with a wide range of illnesses. Its focus is on improving the overall well-being of the patient, rather than the isolated treatment of specific symptoms.

The treatment may also include moxa, electro-acupuncture, Cupping, Guasha, ear acupuncture or magnets, Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Bach Flowers Remedies. Advice on nutrition and lifestyle as well as Qi-ong exercises may also be recommended.

In Traditional Acupuncture philosophy each person is considered as unique, and therefore the number of treatments required depends on the individual and on the condition they are presenting with and for how long they have been suffering from that complaint.

Disposable, sterile needles are used and disposed of after each use.


What are the benefits of acupuncture?

the back of a person being treated by an acupuncturistA growing body of evidence-based clinical research is discovering how the body responds to acupuncture and its benefits for a wide range of common health conditions. A lot of people have acupuncture to relieve specific aches and pains, such as osteoarthritis of the knee, TMJ, headaches and low back pain, or for common health problems like an overactive bladder. Other people choose acupuncture when they can feel their bodily functions are out of balance, but they have no obvious diagnosis. And many have regular treatments because they find it so beneficial and relaxing.

What are the acupuncture points?

Acupuncture points are located at precise places along interconnected pathways that map the whole body, including the head, trunk and limbs. The most commonly used acupuncture points are on the lower arms and legs.


Getting to the Point of Traditional Acupuncture by the British Acupuncture Council


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